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Your jungle adventure

Get ready for your personal jungle adventure: Before your medventure begins, we need you to provide us with a few more details so we can make it as exciting as possible. Then you’re off on your very own expedition. Later, a map to help you find your way will appear at the left of your screen.

Hi, I’m Dr Bot, it’s a pleasure to meet you. What’s your name?

Your tribe

You think, that’s totally your thing and want to become part of our tribe? Then get to know us better on the following pages!


2. The Environment

Diversity for a healthy ecosystem

The DocCheck AG stands for an open-minded business culture, team work and lot of diversity. Here with us, people find space to make a difference. Whether you’re analytically, creatively or strategically-minded, here everyone receives the survival kit they need to ensure their survival in the health care jungle. And your team always has your back: As a tight-knit community, we provide a diverse and varied ecosystem in the jungle and show the world that here there is so much to discover.

Scroll down and discover what makes our life in the jungle so unique.

3. Daily Business

Couch potato or
always on the go?

Work flexibly, the way that suits you best: We’re guaranteed to have the right work model for you.

Early bird or night owl? At DocCheck AG, you decide when you start. Our flexitime runs from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and when it comes to breaks, just take one when you need it. That means it really doesn’t matter if you are an early bird or a night owl. We don’t just give you the option of a standard work day structure, but offer you an individual schedule, so you have a work day that is tailored to meet your needs. We love our office jungle in Cologne, but we also welcome species from other German jungles! Because our ecosystem is only balanced if our tribe members are happy.

Urban jungle: The headquarters of our tribe is in the heart of the district of Ehrenfeld in Cologne.

Our home is located in the center of a diverse urban landscape, the Ehrenfeld district of Cologne. From here, we can travel quickly and easily to wherever we want to go. Whether you prefer to travel by car, bike or train, stops and parking spaces for cars and bikes, exclusively for employees, make the commute to our four-storey offices “a walk in the park”. When you get there, countless bright and modern work spaces await you. And when it comes to food, there is plenty on offer, from fresh fruit on site to several multicultural restaurants nearby. All-you-can-drink fair trade coffee from a local roasting house, filtered water, (oat) milk and tea all come as part of the package at the office. Be it in our comfortable lounge or on the sunny terrace, we are certain you will find a spot that magically draws you in and sparks your creativity.

4. Under the protection of the jungle

Deep roots for stable prospects

The jungle is deeply rooted! We’re active in a stable industry, and our tribe has strong ties to our subsidiaries – like a tree trunk that can withstand almost all storms, even a pandemic. Since we are independently financed, our business model remains stable and future-orientated, even when the sun isn’t shining. We value financial transparency and frequently publish our quarterly and annual reports. So that you always know what is going on in the company, the treasurers of our tribe publish updates at regular intervals. That way, you’re always aware of what is going on economically in our jungle.

5. The foundations of life

Good foundations to put down roots

Every individual in the jungle needs a solid basis that they can rely on and calculate with. Here you can see how much you can earn at junior, advanced, senior or senior expert level at DocCheck AG. What’s more, all employees who’re entitled receive a voluntary share of profits at the end of the year, meaning that we also share a part of the business’ success with you. Hard work should be rewarded – at the end of the day, you are responsible for helping our jungle flourish and we want to say THANK YOU!

*Apprentices/dual students: Training payment / coverage of study costs plus fixed salary

There are many reasons to settle down in the jungle. One of the things we support you with here at DocCheck AG is if you need to move at the start of your jungle adventure. We can help you with the costs of the move or help fund extra child care. Since your professional development is important to us, we offer all employees a budget of €1,000 per year for professional development. A parking permit is also available to you if you need it, as is extensive, technical equipment to help you work from home. There are a variety of options available to you:

Moving costs when you start working for us

Help with costs of child care

€1,000 budget for professional development

Parking permit

Extensive equipment for working from home

6. How our tribe works

  • Agile projects
  • Open door policy
  • Regular meetings
  • Clear briefing structure and culture
  • Cross-departmental work
  • Flexible project groups
  • Organized, weekly project planning as necessary
  • Constant communication and contact throughout the entire company
  • Flexible working location (home, office, lounge)
  • Regular 1-to-1 meetings with management
  • Biannual review
  • Planning individual growth based on competency model
  • Professional development program

7. The technical jungle equipment

Even if it’s not what you would expect in the jungle, when it comes to technology, we’re well ahead of the game! That means all our employees receive their own, brand-new laptop including everything you need to work from home. So you’re fully armed for the day in the jungle, whether you’re working at home or in the office. And if we don’t have the necessary equipment to hand, we’ll be sure to get it for you, so you can make the most of your potential, even when it comes to technology.

  • Your own new MacBook, Linux or Windows device with the most recent software and high resolution 4K screen
  • We have our own data center and hosting so everything runs smoothly
  • Extensive tech stack with 3D printer, VR headsets, robots and our automated store
  • In order to communicate quickly and seamlessly in all directions, we use a variety of tools:

8. Healthy people for a healthy jungle

What would a health care jungle be without its healers? Nothing.

Our healers and medicine people devotedly dedicate themselves to the health care of all tribe members.

What else do we do to stay healthy?

Regular vaccination offers (e.g. flu protection)

Ergonomic work spaces (also at home)

Team sport & B2Runs

Psychological counseling

Bicycle leasing

Healthy anniversary events

Filtered tap water

Fresh fruit in the office

Variety of organic tea and oat milk offer

Healthy feedback culture

How we in the jungle deal with natural phenomenons such as Covid

  • Flexible home office options
  • Daily fresh FFP2 masks for our jungle inhabitants
  • Regular disinfection of our habitat
  • Rapid lateral flow tests at work
  • Internal company vaccinations and anti-body tests
  • Air filters

9. Way of life in the jungle

It’s personal!

The culture of a species can tell us a lot about their way of life. Do you want to know how we live here in the jungle? Then come, we’ll show you!


10. Our contribution to a green future

Protecting the green lungs of our planet

Living in the jungle, we know how important it is to protect our planet. For that reason, we make an effort each and every day so that we can operate carbon neutrally as soon as possible. We’ve invested in a forest area, to make our contribution to a healthy climate and compensate for the emissions we produce through the DocCheck Forest GmbH. But that’s not everything we do for sustainability:

  • Transport: We use 100% electric vehicles and car-sharing, and increasingly use trains instead of planes
  • Recycle it: Our products are made with recyclable packaging, we separate waste thoroughly
  • Healthy, fair and sustainable drinks: If you fancy a refreshment, we serve you fair trade, organic coffee, filtered tap water as well as a range of healthy and more ethical drinks such as Fritz and Viva con Agua
  • Our electricity comes from 100% renewable energy sources

The sky’s the limit: guarantee you get the best view



Your view

The jungle awaits you!

Discover the perfect habitat for your species

What’s in store for you in position at DocCheck AG:

12. Find your new habitat in the health care jungle

Vacant positions

Do you like what you see? Excellent! We like you too! If you fancy joining us in a healthy, varied and exciting health care jungle, take a closer look at our list of vacancies.



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